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Welcome to Jiyuu's Mario Kart Wii page !

This page gives you some basic information, such as which track I do like playing on, the combo I used to use, some records etc.
Enjoy your visit ! ☆〜(ゝ.∂)


Average VR : 9500
Average BR : 5000
You may already know it : I have used many nicknames on Mario Kart Wii. Either for Worldwides or Clan Wars.
Here is a sample of my favourite ones :
[¥€]Jiyuu NOIRE★ /sqrt-1 ZnT-9th
♥ジユウ G4ptnd'L ながれ星 Kayo
qpLg-7 GU Blanche Lιbrα
Zιγυ★Spear Teto *BIBI ...
I used to belong to some clans. Here is the list :
[¥€]★ (2014)
G7 (2015)
G4L (2015-2016)
ML (2015-2016)

The one I've loved the most was [¥€]. Sadly, the clan dissolved with the shutdown of the WFC...
Infinite thanks to あい for this clan, and to all the members !!
みんなさん本当にありがとうございました。 楽しいかったよ ! .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

Some basic information

My favourite character is Daisy, mainly beacuse of her handling. I mainly use the Mach Bike, but I really like the Blooper Kart ! (don't reapeat it !!)
I also adore playing with Funky Kong and Spear. I think the Spear may be my favourite combo actually !

Favourite courses

Personnal history with MKWii

Below, you can find a table with some "important" dates on MKW for me.
Date Event
February 2018 Starting to create Custom Tracks. You can find all my work here :Jiyuu's page
2015-2016 Metting back my JP friends and playing frooms
July-August 2015 Getting some CT BKT
20th July 2015 10th Worldwide on GCN Peach Beach NI
July 2015 Back on MKW and now making Wars
24th January 2015 The first CTWR I got. It was on GBA Ribbon Road
May 2014 Bye bye MKW...
December 2013 Entering in the Japanese community
June 2009 The first time I've played on the WFC
End 2008 Bought Mario Kart Wii

YouTube Videos

This section simply lists most of my YouTube videos on Mario Kart Wii.

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